30 November 2009

Great Duck Race 10k pics

The dogtag that Karen had made up for all the women 2 months ago! She said she had faith that we were all going to finish :)

The age group awards were handmade wooden duck boxes. Cute, huh?!

Me and Charity with the duck mascot after the race
Tala and the duck :)

Karen's sign on the back of her tank! She kicked my butt yesterday by the way, lol

Patti, Jesse, and me

My new Brooks Launch kicks, so light. I'm going to change out the laces for pink ones :). and no that's not the tag on the right foot, it's the race timing chip.

10 of the 12 Ironpeople-picture courtesy of Kristen <3
And as Jesse put it, 7 different cameras and we're all looking in different directions. Except me, my eyes are closed, lmao.....
Patti, Jesse, Jennifer, me, and Karen with the duck

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