08 November 2009

MidSouth Marathon part Deux

Jackie, me, Annette, and Jane. Not sure who number 76 is :), Brice is at the far right with blue cap, and I think that's Patti's arm.

Patti, me and Becky :). I adore these girls!

Breaking this up into several posts so hopefully will be easier for everybody to slog through :-).

Earlier last week we received an email from the race organizers saying that the early start of 0700 was going to be open to all runners and I started noticing facebook posts that most of my friends were going to take advantage of it because of the warmer temps being forecast. This led to an overwrought post about what I should do and Brenda sends me a text to call her. I soooo needed that! Thank you so much Brenda!!! What we decided was since it was such a small marathon I would be essentially running by myself or pretty close to it anyway that I should go for the early start and run with Jackie, another experienced marathoner who would be doing the same pace as me. Since it was my first my only real goal was to finish under 5 hours and still be walking afterwards. Plus there are two final grand prix races (2 10ks the final two weekends this month) so wanted to try and stay well enough to complete them.

Saturday morning, James and I actually arrive early, early!!!!!!!!! That is so unusual for us, we're almost always rushing around at the last minute in panic mode, lol.........This gives me time to go to the bathroom, get geared up for battle, go to the bathroom, get my race packet and chip, go to the bathroom, socialize, go to the bathroom.........yes I have a nervous bladder, LOL......

Got to visit with Carol and her daughter quite a bit and she was giving me major compliments on my muscle tone and was telling everybody how she got to witness my transformation and how awesome I was. The thing is Carol is one of the most awesome people I know!!! Always so bubbly, positive, heckuva body herself, and has completed 14 (I think) marathons so far this year plus 1 ultra. And that's not counting the various shorter races..........Amazing, amazing woman :). I'm very privileged and honored to have her as a friend.

Visited with Patti, Becky, Annette, Jane, Arland, Jackie, Brice, Tala, and Karen :). Oh shoot who am I forgetting? Getting old sucks, lol......Unfortunately Tala missed our facebook posts about us doing the early start so she didn't run with us. That sucked for me and her :(.........I am so sorry Tala, I should have thought to email you directly, I feel like such a jerk.

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