14 November 2009

umm, er, uhh

So today I received a phone call from somebody that I'd only communicated with via texts or online up to that point and I must say that I probably didn't make much of a favorable impression. See while I consider myself to be somewhat decent in online communication and in real life, when it comes to telephones I seem to turn into a blithering idiot, lol.....I have no clue why that happens. My vocabulary is not limited to words with less than 4 letters, although the grammar usage could use some fine-tuning but shove that phone at me and you can have a more intelligent conversation with a zombie from "Shaun of the Dead". Combine that with a mind-numbingly exhausting work-week and yeah, you have it, Queen of the umm, er, and uhhs with maybe a touch of "oh I'm such a ditz, ooh shiny!" Geez.......

Marathon recovery has been ok but I did end up with a raging case of post marathon blues that was completely unexpected. A friend helped me out with that by pointing out that it was probably due to my first marathon being a very small event. Not much crowd support so I was left with a feeling of "this is it?" Yeah, silly I know but still it was what I was feeling :) so I'm going to own it, lol. Thursday midday was my first run since Saturday and it went quite well even though it was a bit warm and I was starving. Took Elsie out with me so I would be ensured of some walk/rest breaks and we found a nice little city park not far from the Pilot at Denham Springs, LA. Ended up with 3.65 miles and felt pretty darn good :-).

I am exhausted through and through so it's time for bed, I will try and write another blog entry before Monday........


Terry said...

I am sure it was not nearly as horrible as you think. You have so much personality, and your conversations are so animated, one would hardly notice any ummm, er, uhhh's


gabsatrucker said...

nope, no animation or personality as of late.
I've just been so tired for the past month I feel like dead wood, blech. My verbal abilities are just about nil :(, it's like
something is losing connection between my brain
(braaaaiiiinnnnnsss) and my mouth, lol.

The Wondering Brit said...

Who would have thought.... A woman that can't talk?! Never!! lol

However, like LT needed it, I think you need a real rest too, no running, no driving and certainly NO running around after other people - just for a week or so, and get some real 'core' rest.

gabsatrucker said...

TWB, no rest for the wicked :)...... No chance of any of that happening in the foreseeable future, lol