22 November 2009

pics of the week again

View of yesterday's mountain from the 7th floor of the Arlington

Age group award from the Spa 10k, much better than last year's plastic cups

downtown Hot Springs and the mountain

Jackie and me after surviving the MidSouth Marathon

I can see the finish line!!!!!!!


Susan said...

Those are great pics! And you got a PLASTIC CUP last year? Jeez!

I LOVE the track photo! I also like your current "top of blog" photo. Great!

gabsatrucker said...


yep a plastic cup :(. I like the track photo too, you can't tell how much pain I'm in, LOL. I do have a good finish line one but I need to edit out the clock 'cause it shows 3:47:xx, which is not correct due to me using the early start option. Figured it was past time to update the header pic.