02 November 2009

random pics

Again most of this has been posted on twitter so don't bothering looking if you've already seen them.

Blurry pic of weird sky in Memphis last week

muddy shoes from today's trail portion of the 12 miler

eww, muddy socks. Plus the little bitty dot on the inside of my ankle is where I cut it when I face planted today

Immediately after today's run :). Was in such a great mood wanted to share it with James. When he received the pic he called saying that it must have been a really good run since I was grinning so big. And yeah, I was wearing gloves throughout (chilly fingers!) even though I ended up shedding the long sleeve technical shirt.


Indy said...

Since I have no idea what twitter is, really and am not in a rush to find out as I have too many distraction on the net already, these are all new to me!

I must say that I love your ummmm eye for what makes a great shot because they are all great and ALL interesting!

I love the wide open smile, too! :-)

gabsatrucker said...

Thank you so much Indy!! Been wondering where you were, I've been a bit overwhelmed lately :(.