22 November 2009

The Week and my left foot

kinda not in a blogging mood but if I don't get this down now it won't get done.

To start with the week went ok workout wise. Had recovered (I thought) and my runs were going great. Even had a kick-ass 5.05 miler last Saturday that was awesome :). Sunday was a 3.33 mile run/walk with James and Elsie, beautiful weather by the way. Monday was a mediocre treadmill workout of 3.56 miles with a decent core workout. Tuesday had a limited amount of time so decided to combine Elsie's morning walk with a run up the rutted out track that passes for a road up to Pulaski's water tower. This is almost straight up and my goal is to reach the top without walking at some point. Still didn't make it Tuesday but came the closest that I ever had, 7/8 of the way up running :), not fast but running nevertheless.

Wednesday however is when things went awry. Logbook said I had to start rolling early so got up pre-dawn dressed in fluorescent gear and armed with my clip-on blinky light to run on the Industrial Road in Prescott, AR. Can't use my favorite route right now due to deer season :(, I'd rather not be a hunting accident statistic. Things were going great until 1/2 through my run and my left foot cramped up again.........No one to call so no choice but to run back--it was less painful to run than to walk. Since then it's been double doses of Vitamin I, ice and ibuprofen. Unfortunately the Industrial Road is one of those cambered roads with a bit of chip seal. Not a good combo at the best of times.

Oh, a bit of background, my left foot has been taking some abuse since October. First, it's the foot that I've had the plantar fasciitis issues with that I thought were resolved. 2nd, at the Chile Pepper XC 10k I'd caught a rock at the base of my second toe and it had been swollen and a bit painful for a few weeks. Still swollen at the base of the toe actually :(. 3rd, my last 12 miler the Sunday before the marathon I tripped over a root in a field and face planted, had a bruise and cut on the inside knuckle of the foot. The bruise is still a bit visible even today. 4th, my foot started cramping up at mile 24 of the marathon (cambered/rough road) and then had a major cramp afterwards that went from my toes to just behind my knee that I didn't think was ever going to release........

So add in the re-injury from Wednesday and I'm pretty sure my left foot hates me and wants a new owner, lol!


Terry said...

With that toenail, I bet your right foot is not exactly your best friend at the moment either :-)

gabsatrucker said...

Lol, that actually doesn't hurt at this point

Isuzu said...

Congratulations on all twenty races, you must be very tired!