19 December 2009

Learning Experience

Yep, two words I absolutely hate to hear because it usually means I have f'ed up royally in some way, lol.........And I had one of those this past Tuesday, grrr.

I have been very, very proud up until this week to have never crunched a bumper on my truck and you know what they say about pride and a fall, sigh......Over 9 years driving a truck and I go and do something like this. No excuses, I just simply lost track of where everything was and caught the corner of a foot high metal rack just under the bumper on the right side and these are plastic bumpers that aren't very sturdy. Like our shop foreman said today after a fair bit of teasing at me, it happens to everybody at some point or another and thankfully I have one of the Prostars instead of a Cascadia so the only damage was to the bumper itself. Oh yeah, and my pride.......still feeling extremely stupid....so stupid as a matter of fact that I allowed a random tweet from last night hurt my feelings when it shouldn't have (yeah, I'm such a girl sometimes cue up "Stupid Girl" from Garbage, lol).

Anyways, no big deal as far as the company is concerned but I will lose next year's safety bonus :-(. Was even thanked by the safety dept. for my honesty and professionalism in reporting the incident instead of trying to hide or lie about what happened. Do have to say thanks to a Rush driver who helped me zip tie and strap the bumper up so it wouldn't shake loose going down the road and who didn't make fun of me. I think the guys in the shipping dept had told him that I'd been in there several times and was usually a good driver so that helped, lol. I also think the shop is going to be able to replace the bumper this weekend, yay!!!

In other news, I've been running 2-3 times a week with 5.5 miles being the longest so far. Still not pushing it, going to wait until after Christmas to decide on my race/event schedule then ramp the training back up. Also have been battling a bit of a head cold this week or I thought it was a cold until James reminded me that they told us after our flu shots earlier in the year that if we did get exposed to the flu it would be cold-like symptoms this time around. Who knows? I just know that my head has been stopped up for the better part of a week, sneezing, and achy. Yuck.........

One more week of work then I'm off until the 4th of January for sure--at least that's the time I put in that I wanted off and since I'm still carrying a week of vacation from last year
I WANT AND NEED this time off. Oh no, I'm not stressed much, lol. Looking like I will have a Monday pickup at another new to me plant in Lewisburg, TN so if that holds up I should be back home Thursday morning :) :) :)

Posting a couple of sunrise shots from this week, the first is over Hubbard Reservoir near Dallas and the second is at the top of a hill I'm determined to run all the way up one of these days in Pulaski, TN


doomytunes said...

I crunched my bumper within my first month. I hope I can go nine years before I do that again.

gabsatrucker said...

doomytunes, You've got it out of the way, I doubt if you'll ever crunch your bumper again, lol. It happens sometimes just sooo aggravating :(.