19 December 2009

Not a "real" truck driver

Okay adding a disclaimer to this post because as I noted to Terry in the comments I was going for tongue in cheek humor over actual things that have been told me over the years and instead I came off as a whiny, rabid, humorless person (and yes I can be those things at certain times but that's not the point I was going for here, lol).

one of my many failings is that I tend to allow what other people think bother me.......Kind of a typical type A personality in that. And yeah, don't let other type A's tell you that they don't care what others think, the vast majority of the ones I know do despite their vehement protestations.

A recurring thing that I've had people say to me is that I'm not a "real" truck driver for various reasons many of them contradictory

Why I am not or wasn't a REAL TRUCK DRIVER according to others

1) I went to truck driving school

2) I drove team with my husband therefore I didn't do any city driving or backing up to docks because other guys wouldn't "allow" their wives/girlfriends to do so

3) I don't drive team with my husband (said some of it was contradictory, lol)

4) I currently drive an automatic truck

5) I have only run regional for the past 3-4 years--Middle Tennessee to Laredo, Texas with occasional forays into Alabama, Kentucky, or Missouri

6) I call my husband for advice or if he's around have him assist or do some of the minor repairs on my truck or trailer--not sure how this is different from calling up road rescue, asking on the cb, or going to a shop

7) Occasionally my husband and I actually get to pick up at the same places or close by on the same day, so if I happen to be following him I'm not able to drive by myself (although I have accused James of driving my truck and his simultaneously, it's actually not physically possible for him to do so, lol)

8) I don't like driving overnight

and on and on and on.............I could make arguments about every single point but since I'm trying to work on not allowing others' opinion color my view of myself I will let it pass.......you don't know how hard that is to do though, LOL......


Terry said...

WOW!! I am really surprised to read this. I would have thought that with as much time and experience as you have put in, that this particular criticism would not bother you anymore. I am type A also, and while other things would leave me feeling insulted, others opinion on my driver status is not one of them. Is this because of Tuesday and the harassment that ensued from it?

Hmmm, maybe I spoke out of turn. I did get into an argument with an older driver just last week and he "put me in my place" several times. It was regarding directions around Atlanta, something I know. After a 10 minute debate, another driver put an end to the discussion by siding with me and the older driver finally conceded, but never once offered an apology, only the thoughts that I should be at home doing my husbands laundry....I wasnt offended by his ideals, just the part where he repeatedly told me what an ignorant rookie I was...

Dont let it get to you, you know it comes with the gender! :-)

gabsatrucker said...

Awww, I was afraid the post would be misconstrued, I was going for tongue in cheek humor and I keep forgetting that doesn't translate well into my writing. No intention for it to come off as whiney baby, lol. Although these are things I have heard over the years with the exact words "not a real truck driver", :).

Going to put a disclaimer at the top of the post as soon as I'm finished replying.

Must clarify I received absolutely NO harrassment over the bumper, just some light-hearted teasing from the shop and if I hadn't gotten that it would have meant they didn't like me. The drivers they don't like get the silent treatment.


The Wondering Brit said...

I see it like this;

You worked for and trained - and passed the appropriate tests.

You cut your teeth with the aid of experienced drivers.

You drive a truck...

Don't get me wrong - but if it smells like sh*t, looks like sh*t - it probably is Sh*t...

So, working on the fact that if someone needed to ask for a truck to be reversed around a blind corner and parked between to new cars - would they a) ask a pharmacist or b) ask you?

You're the PROFESSIONAL, the rest are amateur, you hold the knowledge, experience, the responsibility and skill.

The bottom line is that as long as we do what we need to do in a professional manner, we are answerable to no one but the law.

It's a bit like saying to a Judge "Yeah, but you're not a real one are you". Yep, just how stupid would someone like that look?
It's EXACTLY the same..

Why would you need to prove to someone else something you do every single day to put food on the table... I mean, you you eat right?!

Your're a Truck Driver!! - which somewhere between a secretary and a nurse in female occupations lol

gabsatrucker said...

LOL, I hope nobody asks me to perform that backing maneuver.....

believe it or not I'm not looking for reassurance here, just rambling in what I hoped was a humorous way but I've missed the mark by quite a bit evidently.

Speaking of judges, I was called up for jury duty once and when I explained that I needed excused because I was a truck driver, yeah, I was asked if I was a "real" driver and didn't just ride with my husband as a logbook. That instance DID piss me off.......

Susan said...

People just STINK. Some people just shouldn't ever open their mouths!!!!

See, I am proud to know you because I can tell people that I know an actual, real life trick driver! And she's a WOMAN and a MARATHONER, thus AWESOME.

Take that, people.

gabsatrucker said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!! Hey, I get to tell people about my friend who's an architect, a marathoner, and an awesome mom!!!