18 July 2010

3 strikes

Today marks the 3rd long run in the past 4 weeks(last Sunday was a race so skipped that weeks) that has been absolute crap.......between those & my race frame of mind last weekend I'm on the verge of becoming extremely frustrated.  Just not seeing any improvements or rather the sort that I'd like to be seeing.  Ah, fuck....let's just face it, I'm tired from last week still and also just feeling like I'm not measuring up to what some people expect in most aspects of my life.  I hate being a whiny bitch but here I am filling the screen with it :-(.  The blog may become even more erratic than what it's been lately with the updates because 1)nobody wants to hear this stuff ALL the time and 2)I'm just not a creative enough writer to make it amusing and 3) this is starting to feel like a chore rather than a way to just chat about whatever I want.


gdiesels said...

As they say on the radio: Long time reader, first time poster.

Your posts truly inspire a lot of us out here to get out an stay in shape. I was motivated by your energy to make fitness such a big part of your life even as your life is spent mostly on the road.

As a person who gets to sleep in my own bed every night( the LT can fill you in more) I found my excuses of not making the commitment and time to work out just were not working anymore. I started slowly a year ago and I have thus far this year run six 5k races and one 10K. My times suck, but each race get a little better.

Now if I can only get rid of this getting old sucks part of these anoying minor injuries so I don't feel them a month later.

Thank you for your posts. Your life adventures are amazing.

gabsatrucker said...


Thanks so much for commenting! You really don't know how much that brought my mood up when I read this. Congrats on the races! That's an amazing accomplishment no matter the times. I find that over 1/2 the battle a lot of time is just signing & showing up whether it's races or training runs.

I totally agree on the getting old part too :-(.