07 July 2010

slowly decompressing

It's Wednesday and I just got off the phone with the dispatcher who was wanting to confirm what Tennessee load I would be doing next week.  Sigh........not even ready to think about going back to work.  This week has simply been for the most part relaxing.  Yesterday, we got up and drove to Heber Springs to run on an easy trail up there just for a change of scenery :-).  Today was a bicycle ride with friends to our town's farmer's market where I loaded up on yummy pear tomatoes.  I'd never even heard of these before last Saturday but oh my gosh I'm now spoiled to any other variety now.  Biting into these is like eating a delicious piece of fruit--and yes I know tomatoes are actually a fruit but most are fairly tasteless anymore.

While at the farmer's market one of the vendors there was telling us that approximately 50% of heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables are extinct.  I just googled this and according to Sustainable Table it's more like 96% of what was available in 1903.  That's such a sad and scary thought.

Back to more pleasant thoughts......Operation Get Rid of Crap has been completed on one room and I was getting so irritable that I've stopped there for a couple of days but it will resume shortly.  Soooo nice purging stuff and opening up space.

Napping--I've taken a nap every single day and LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!  Also spending a fair amount of time on the couch watching the Tour de France with Elsie curled up next to me.

While watching the Tour de France, I've actually seen some commercials.....lol, love my dvr and usually skip over them.  Standing out are the Jeep Grand Cherokee ads. Loooooooooove these! 


Southbaygirl said...

I cant get anything done right now because of the World Cup and now the Tour de France!! Obsessed I am! So glad someone else is!!

gabsatrucker said...

I haven't gotten into the World Cup and this is the 2nd year for me to watch the Tour de France but yep, I'm obsessed with it :-))). Gonna hate next week when I will be back on the road and will miss Sunday-Wednesday on it.