08 July 2010

It might be Thursday

And I might be one more day closer to having to go back to work :-(.  Really need to think about playing the lottery on the very off chance that I might become a multi-millionaire, lol.  This work business is for the birds.....oh wait, I am a bird of sorts......sigh......well there you go then, I'm doomed to work, blech.

This morning saw me getting up at 0445 in order to meet part of Vicki's work crew down at Willow Beach to mark the roads for her upcoming Dog Days of Summer Ride.  This is normally up to a 100 mile ride but since the second store has closed down, Vicki decided she couldn't in good conscience sponsor the full 100 miles so for this year it will be a 50 mile ride.  Non-supported, the only sag wagons available are those who do a shorter (but no less grueling! heat, humidity, winds, & mosquitos anyone?) distance and decide to drive back to check on everybody but totally awesome ride.  Usually has a great turnout.  Back to the work part, only one of us actually did the work of painting the arrows (Kelly!) but 7 of us were there to ride.  A little bit of wind and a helluva lot of mosquitos but 50 miles are now in the training bank.

Afterwards we drove to Cotham's in Scott, AR to eat lunch.......I've never eaten there before but this place is famous especially for its Hubcap Burger......This thing is huge.......and YUMMY!!!!!!! 

On a Thursday the parking lot was packed and there were people waiting in line to get seats.  And yes, it was that good.  I was busy talking instead of looking at the menu so after the last person ordered I said that sounds good, I'll have the same, not realizing it WAS the Hubcap Burger.  I did manage to eat 3/4 of it plus all of my fries, I've already mentioned the yummy :-)))).  Completely replenished my calories from the 50 mile ride and then some with this baby, lol.

Outside of the store. There was a van to the left and people standing around so didn't get the full image.  Doesn't look like much at all but don't let the appearance fool you, this place gets written up in all kinds of travel articles.

So I have this sprint duathlon coming up Sunday that I feel completely unprepared for.  Not the cycling, I'm still getting stronger there, but I haven't done as much running as what I would have liked.  Oh well, I'm signed up and I will be there, just not feeling confident.  Don't get me wrong, I ALWAYS get race nerves but this is just a different kind of unease about my preparation (yeah, no bricks again, grrrr).

Y'all are gonna get sick of me being on vacation and posting so much :-))))


Truckin Tedybehr said...

Never get tired of your post.

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks Tedybehr!!