04 July 2010

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!

Today will mark my first real day of vacation since I normally leave out on Sundays to start my trek to Tennessee back to Laredo.....Yay!!  It was so awesome realizing that I didn't have to rush around getting packed up after my run this morning :-)))). 

What I do wish is that I would've gotten up at 0400 and driven the hour+ to Little Rock to run with the group, I had a CRUDDY training run this morning.  Lonely, boring, kinda warm (although cooler than usual), and stomach issues.  Managed to get in 11.1 miles in 1:52:18, ugh....5 or so walk breaks, ugh, ugh, ugh.  The thing is I'm trying to save money, that's why I opted out of the Firecracker Fast 5k yesterday--it was gonna be $60 for the two of us and I already had spent $59.60 registering for the Riverside Duathlon on the 11th.  It's ok, I had a great time riding a shorter distance with the group yesterday morning and was even able to keep up with some, keep other guys within sight, and even pass some that were all on road bikes while I was on my heavier, knobby-tired mountain bike.  18-20 mph is easy on a skinny tire bike but doing it on a mountain bike--now that's a workout, lol.

Other news, Operation Get Rid of Crap is proceeding in our house.  I have the computer room sorted out with boxes of stuff to be e-cycled on Tuesday, other boxes for a yard-sale, 1 box for ebay stuff when I get motivated to photograph and list it, and 6 bags of trash.  Whew.....I AM gonna be as clutter-free as possible before this month is over.

Lol, was taking a quiz over at Madewell, JCrew's newest acquisition (?) and the quiz result was understated elegance.  Yeah, right. Only in my dreams........time to finish this up and get ready for fireworks tonight, I think we're gonna head down for the Pops on The River since it doesn't appear that our local town is having any festivities tonight.  Have fun & be safe everybody!


Keath said...

What kind of race charges $59.60? That's just weird!

Sorry to hear about the less-than-stellar run this morning, but good luck on Operation Get-Rid-of-Crap! It's so liberating when things start going - it gets almost addictive.

Enjoy the remainder of your Independence Day break!

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Cheers! Gabby.

gabsatrucker said...

Keath, it's a duathlon. For some reason multisport races cost twice as much as other races :-(. Hoping Operation Get Rid of Crap will be as liberating as you and others say!

Aaron, cheers back! Have a great 4th of July :-)