02 July 2010

still about part II

The other post was getting too long so breaking it up......

After the Pigout 5k was the Tour de Oink, a 14 or 40 mile cycle ride.  I went for the 40 miler but it only took me 10 miles to think that I might should've just done the 14 mile option, lol.  My legs were shot from the 5k and this is not a flat route.  Fortunately one of the guys I train with occasionally on Thursdays was there so I had somebody I knew that would be around my pace to ride with.  Good thing Steve was there too because in one of my way too often dumbassery moments I'd left my cash in the pickup and ended up having to bum some money off of him to buy some powerade.

I'm not feeling like writing as long of a post as my previous one so just gonna summarize.  We ended up doing the 40 miles in 2 hours and 23 minutes with only 2 stops.  Quite pleased with that considering that my legs were shot from the 5k, the hills, and the heat.  D'uh, the heat...it is summer in Arkansas, lol.

June workout totals
Running--81.85 miles
Cycling--275.99 miles

These 3 pics are from the 6/19 training ride.  I look positively tiny in the first pic, lol.


Southbaygirl said...

you must ride with really BIG guys!!! Good idea! smart girl!!!

Stuart said...

Solid stats for the month!