05 July 2010

Whose idea was this?

So last Thursday in what can only be called a lapse of judgement because of endorphins, I suggested a Monday ride since quite a few people were gonna have the day off........Yep, I was regretting that this morning when my alarm clock went off at 0545 after getting in close to midnight last night :-).  Couldn't seem to get my act together so ended up having to drive over to the bike shop because of being late, which meant no warm-up before the hammerfest started.  Fortuitiously it seemed like most of the crew were ok with going slower......

It turned out to be a great morning!! Temperature was fairly temperate compared to what it's been the previous few weeks, a bit windy but occasionally we did get the benefit of a tail wind.  The only big problem was that one of the guys was having g.i. issues so we had to slow down for that a little bit until he was able to find a place to take care of it.  Thank gawd it wasn't me!!! So far the only time I have gi distress is while running, cycling doesn't seem to be a problem.  We do need to get our erstwhile leader to give another lecture on how the paceline works though......I don't wanna do it 'cause I don't want to be the one that's grumbled about, lol. 

40.79 miles for me in 2:30:03 on the Georgetown route, a bit slower than what I would've like today but there have been plenty of times when I was the back of the pack so not whinging.  Who knows what condition I'll be in on the next ride...

Hmm, I think a nap may be in my very near future, kinda liking this staycation business.

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