30 August 2010

Admitting De"Feet"

Ok, I'm issuing a serious plea of help here.  I truly do love this cycling lark and at times I'm even not too shabby at it but I'm having a major problem with my feet.  I will have a cramp like sensation start on the outside bottom of my feet--it's not always start with the same foot and it does not always start on both  simultaneously.  These do usually eventually become hot spots but definitely don't start that way.

I've changed brand of shoe, went to a larger size, loosened various straps, changed out insoles, shifted cleat positions and nothing seems to ease the pain.  Doing all the above did extend out the time period before the cramps kicked in.

Literally, on any ride over 50 miles I'm spending it in serious foot pain.....so my next move is to switch out pedals, I love my speedplay lightactions but the next move according to my research is to find a pedal with a larger surface area on the foot.  

Any suggestions on type would be VERY appreciated!  Also should I consider switching to a mountain bike style of shoe since the stiff road shoes aren't working too well for me?


BikeNerd said...

like the blog...

Following is a link to a forum discussion that helped me quite a bit:

I alos switched to Look Pedals at one time, because of the larger surface area and open hole design, and those seemed to help on longer rides.

hope that helps.

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks for checking out my blog :-))). When I get back home this weekend I'll check out the link & the look pedals. I appreciate the suggestions!!