29 August 2010

Hotter 'n Hell recap...eventually

So I managed to survive the Hotter 'n Hell 100 century....it's been a rocky weekend, rental car issues, testy people, etc etc 

Oh shoot, I hardly have any clue as to where to start, so much to cram in...ok just start.


We literally had nothing packed, James had been searching the house, storage buildings, everywhere for our camping gear that we haven't used since oh, 2003-2004...nowhere to be found.  I finally remembered that we had a rental storage unit that had been broken into in 2007 and that's the last place we had seen our tent & sleeping bags. Yep, that was part of the stuff that had been stolen, so a word to the wise, keep an EXTENSIVE & DETAILED inventory of everything that you store offsite.

While I knew everything that I needed to take for the weekend, the having to repurchase of most of the camping gear had me far more rushed than I like--think being bounced around like a steel ball in a pinball machine, lol.

I'm fairly surprised that the only thing I managed to forget though was a stop to pick up some Endurolyte caps.  A running club friend reassured me that I would be able to pick some up at the Hotter 'n Hell expo :-).

Since we drive a gas guzzling, regular cab pickup I thought it would behoove us to get a rental car, at first I thought minivan then discovered that would cost almost $100 more than a small suv. Shoulda stuck with the minivan though, we're crammed to the gills with the gear & such but at least we didn't have to worry about unloading everything whenever we stopped for the night.

Finally, we're on our way!!! First stop is an overnight stay at a La Quinta in Garland, TX (thoroughly unimpressed with!).

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