09 August 2010

Gear & Nutrition

AKA the stuff that keeps me going :-))).  This is a bit of a post that I've been meaning to do for a while, basically going to be a listing of the stuff I use, wear, & consume while cycling and running, maybe a listing of a couple of the stores I like best.

Brooks Running  Yes I am a Brooks Inspire Daily member but I truly do think they have some of the best gear out there.  The Brooks Launch is my goto racing shoe and besides how can you not love a company that sponsors ALL athletes and not just a handful of elites :-))).  But speaking of elites, they do sponsor Chrissie Wellington so that's a HUGE plus in my opinion.

Jamis Bikes  My main training and duathlon bicycle is a Jamis Xenith Comp Femme, it's the one in my header picture and even though it's a stock bike, I feel like it was made for me.  C'mon, flat black and pink? Yep, that's my baby aka Buffy.  I also have a Jamis Durango mountain bike (Willow) who has been sadly neglected this year in favor of the roadie, sorry baby.

Amphipod  After going through way too many other handheld & belt hydration systems, I've found that Amphipod makes the only kind that works for me.  I carry one of the handheld bottles for anything up to 12-13 miles then add in the fuel belt system for anything longer.  The handhelds are very nicely contoured to fit your hand and you can buy one that has a pocket on the carrying strap that's large enough for a gel & key.

Hammer Nutrition  I looove the HEED (light tasting & not overly high in calories) and the Perpetuem.  The gels are quite nice too.  If you're feeling generous and decide to place an order, please feel free to use my client number 136328.  Not a have to thing, but I do get a bit of a bonus if you decide to :-)).

Accel Sport Nutrition--I also love the Accelerade & Accel gels, these are quite nice because of the carb:protein ratio.  The key lime flavor is to die for!!!

Skirt Sports  I adore their tri shorts and do have a couple of the cycling skirts that are fun.  Guys for some reason really don't like it if you can outclimb 'em while wearing one of these, lol.

Marin Bikes  Shhhh, but I own four bicycles.....The Marin Portofina was my first road bike and I still have it although Cordelia has permanent residence on the turbo trainer now.  I did my first century on this bike so doubt if I will ever get rid of her but she may become a cyclocross bike in the future.  My last bike purchased was a Marin Urban Commuter named Giles that I use for running errands and stuff.  It's set up with a rear rack and a basket to haul stuff in.  Oh and have y'all caught the theme of my bicycles' names?

Rage Cycling  I'm a very new fan of theirs. The Suffer jersey I'm wearing in a pic from a couple of posts back?  That's from them........Amazingly fast shipping and just good people :-)))


Bike City  Yep, my local bike shop.  The one that keeps me sorted out and going :-)))))).  They're more my family than most of my family is (sister & hers excepted of course).

The Sporty Runner  If they don't have it, they can get it or it hasn't been invented

Go! Running A newer running shop in central Arkansas that I finally got around to visiting last week, VERY impressed. Nice people and very attractive store with all kinds of neat goodies in it.

So very you go........shameless plugging of stuff that I like.  I'm sure more will be added but this is quite a nice start I think.


Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

Hey Gabby...I concur with your selections...Brooks, Amphipod, and both running stores. I don't know the first thing about bikes, but I hope to get a decent road bike someday and re-learn how to ride..hehe..A few of my own loves...Chocolate Gu (in the winter), Sharkies, just about any shirt with Climalite (that stuff is amazing!)...

gabsatrucker said...

Tammy, have you tried the chocolate mint gu that's a holiday flavor? Yummy!!!! Oh, I hope you do get a road bike, I love cycling :-)))