20 August 2010

Shall We Update?

This week finds me utterly & completely exhausted, just so glad to finally be home.  Yesterday morning (Wednesday) found me at Laredo just dragging.  I just felt like my brain was moving in slow motion :-(.  So I mention this to a friend, who suggests (rather gently for them at that) that I need to take 3-4 days off from working out.  Yep, that went over very well......it's only after finding myself strenuously objecting and literally ending up crying over the thought of taking that many days off that I realize they were right.......Just the weepiness alone mortifies me and was enough to drive home the fact that I have almost pushed myself entirely too far. And yes, again......they were correct, grrrrrr.

Soooo, that brings me to another issue, I'd already reached the conclusion earlier in the week that the marathon training was making me HATE running this year.  I was ok with short runs but anything over 10 miles was just very much making me a grumpy bear.  Even the run Sunday at Little Rock with friends couldn't bring back the joy that I had last year while training for the MidSouth Marathon.  As such, I've decided to postpone doing the Marine Corps Marathon until next year, they will allow you to defer your entry for $30.  I'm still doing the Tupelo 14.2 miler Labor Day Weekend and plan on staying in 1/2 marathon shape but an early fall mary is not in the cards for me this year.

The Hotter 'n Hell 100 is next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so stoked to be doing this, however my lack of cycling for past 2 weeks is very much worrying me.  Since I'm taking this weekend as a rest I will be helping out with sag wagon duties for my training group on Saturday's 95 miler.  Hmmm, will that garner good karma & good will? 

Today was get my hair did day :-)).  Decided that the Natural Instincts wasn't covering the gray quite enough so had my stylist color it......LOVE it!!!  Darker brown with chestnut undertones, I also had her straighten it after a quick trim.  Had a couple of friends not recognize me afterwards, lol.

There are a few other things but I'm winding down so will update more later this weekend.


helmetorheels said...

You are quite the ambitious runner and biker like Todd said! I'm working on that C25K program. You ARE an inspiration! Your hair sounds like it turned out great ... picture soon?!

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks!!!!!!!!! and I appreciate you wandering by and commenting :-)

The C25K is awesome. I meant to get outside before it turned dark for a good pic of my hair, maybe tomorrow.