08 August 2010


So the clutch in my truck wasn't replaced.......Eaton refused to authorize the warranty work because they claimed the CA (clutch abuse) code wasn't an indication that it was burning out.  The guys at International finally admitted that it was plain as day that the clutch needs replacing but they and my company I'm employed by won't do it because it's under warranty.........sigh........as one of the mechanics in our company shop put it, how can I be abusing the clutch when there's not a clutch pedal in the truck (automatic with an internal clutch)?  It's a common problem but Eaton is just not gonna ok the replacement until it goes all the way out.  My new plan of action--every time it overheats I'm calling and qualcomming Road Rescue so that there's more of a papertrail for evidence when I do have to get towed showing that I had been trying to get the issue resolved from the beginning.

Other stuff.......Well Tuesday I had a touch of food poisoning so spent most of the day in the bathroom.  Instead of doing the common sense thing by laying off my workouts I still went out for a 5.72 mile run that morning.......yeah, yeah I know :-(.  I did skip riding the bicycle though, lol.

Wednesday--an easy 18.04 mile cycle ride on the airport loop.

Thursday--met 3 of the guys at 0530 (before dawn!) for 25.06 miles on the Peanut Ridge loop, beat all 'em up the ridge by the way, lol.  Followed that up with a 2.59 mile run for a proper brick workout.  Came home, made myself pancakes and took a lovely nap :-))).  That night went out with Elsie & James for a 3.79 mile run/walk.  I really do enjoy running at night, should try to do that more often.

Friday--rest day.  I did go and pick up my Tour de Rock jersey, very glad I ordered the women's medium because it's cut very small.  My Rage Cycling jersey also arrived in the mail, LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Saturday--long ride day with entirely too many hills......the fast guys decided to show up and leave with the slower group (my group) which totally defeated the purpose.....They were also grumbly about having to wait so long at the rest stops for us slow people to catch up, sigh........the sensor for the computer kept getting knocked out of place so I lost approximately 6 miles on the totals for the day.  Went by the guy's computer who lives closest to me for a guesstimate on the mileage so 69.4 miles in 4 hours 25 minutes.  It was a bit of a struggle once the sun came out but it was for everybody.  One frustrating thing, on some of the hills I would start to gain on the slower ones of the fast pack but the downhills would give them the advantage again.  That Newton's law of gravity business, lol.  For those familiar with the central Arkansas area, our route took us out west on Hwy 36 up to Rosebud, then 5 to Romance, well here's the link if you want to check it out.  I'm also having allergy problems right now and I swear I spit out 1/2 my body weight in mucus while cycling yesterday.  Kept getting a stitch because of the inability to get a proper breath, ugh.....

Sunday--for some stupid reason I skipped the ice bath after yesterday's ride and did I ever pay for it today...My legs were DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.  Oh and the allergy issue? Still got it :-(. Humidity plus that kept me gasping for breath despite a slow pace and many walk breaks.  And my GI issues are making a comeback, ugh.  Time to start eating cleaner as well as trying to consume more calories.  I'm not eating enough right now for the amount of training I'm doing......in spite of that I'm not losing any weight.  So since I was having a cruddy run anyway I took the time to bend and break the briar branches back that have been encroaching over the trail.  The briars have been sticking out as much as 2 feet over so a definite owie if somebody catches them.  7.02 miles 1:13:59.  I did soak my legs in a bucket of ice after the run so they feel much better, now if I could just breath properly.

A bit of good news--James' ticket for following too close that he received back in the spring?  Well the court date was Thursday and it was completely dismissed!  His lawyer complimented us on our letters detailing what happened, said he wished all his clients were so concise and thorough on the accounts & details.  It didn't even go before the judge, he presented our letters to the prosecuting attorney and told him he truly believed that this was a case of the cop observing something for 10 seconds and making the wrong call. PA agreed with him and voila! Ticket dismissed :-).

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