02 April 2011

A bit of fun stuff

Most of my family knows that I have a thing for shoes........It was always a standing joke growing up about my passion for wanting to have cute shoes and there might have been one temper tantrum about being forced to wear an ugly pair before I was old enough to babysit and earn money to purchase my own footwear.....needless to say that shoe passion might have developed into an obsession, lol.  With that I thought that I might actually start reviewing some of my favorites I've accumulated.

I'm not saying that I have a closet overflowing with shoes, I have developed some level of pickiness, some might even call it persnickety but I do have quite a collection started.  Right now, though I'm kind of disappointed with the majority of what's on the market.  I HATE the zipper in the back of the heel, patent is getting way overdone, and what's up with everything being an extreme platform?  Platforms are great, some styles look best with one but does EVERY BLASTED PAIR have to be a platform???  I've been on a search for single sole 5" heels and it's nigh impossible right now.  Oh, that brings up another grumble, people who calculate the heel height by including the platform height......yes, I did mention persnickety earlier :D.  The patent to me just looks plastic for the most part, about the only designer who gets it right is Ruthie Davis and her shoes are just over the top fantastic (and mostly out of my price range sadly).

Ok, rant over :-), now onto what I have liked. This past season I've ADORED the variety and quality of boots that were available......yes, I am unabashedly a boot gurl and have taken as much advantage of the plethora of styles available as my finances would allow.  One pair that I scored this year were the Julians by Dolce Vita.  Absolutely gorgeous boot, buttery soft black leather.  The heel is covered in the same gorgeous leather and the boot has the tough lug sole that I love so much and makes it easier to wear in more inclement weather. One of my complaints is that the calf is a bit too wide and while I have skinny(ish) legs, I do have very muscular calves.  The other is that these had one spot on the big toe area of both boots that rubbed a blister, I now just wear them with thin socks.  Specs: 4" heel with 3/4" platform so in reality a 3.25" heel, 14" boot opening, 15.5" height.  The 8 1/2 ran true to size.  Very, very versatile, I wear them with both jeans tucked in and skirts. If they weren't so gorgeous, I'd even wear them while driving because of the lug sole (shhh, I actually have when I knew I wasn't going to have to get out and muck about fueling and stuff, lol).


Southbaygirl said...

I have a thing for shoes as well....mine mainly sit in my closet......shoes!!

gabsatrucker said...

Hi Penny :-))), yeah, mine spend too much time in the closet too. boo-hiss!


bikin_nurse said...

hey gabs-i'm impressed that you can stand up in those shoes/let alone walk. when i went shoe shopping last year to find something to wear for petra's citizenship ceremony found out i really couldn't stand up in heels!!! my ankle is just too unstable anymore- :( had to settle for something quite modest. we're all missing you in searcy.

gabsatrucker said...

Alyson, hi!!!!!!!!!! yeah ankle strength is VERY key to wearing heels. I know you've said that you've done some stuff to strengthen them before but have you added in any exercises lately?


Cindy said...

I love 5" heels! They were so easy to find 2yrs ago but not anymore unless you buy patent fetish styles.
What you said about heel heights vs platforms is soooo true!
It's very irritating when people say "ooo these are 5" heels" when they have a 2" platform.