06 April 2011

Shhh, I'm wabbit hunting

Yesterday was a somewhat full day of driving, made it to Laredo before the sun went down. No other trucks in line at our terminal nor Penske so that all went quickly. Experienced a bit of on the job sexual harassment from one of the guards there at Penske--hate using that term but not sure what else you'd call being asked about your personal life in detail (which I didn't answer) and then being told that if I ever got a few days off in Laredo to call him and we'd go party.  I'm trying to do my job, he's on duty, so yeah to me that's harassment.  By the way this is a married man with kids, grrrr.

Other than that all went well.........at least until I found where my northbound trailer was dropped.  Right in front of where the trucks queue up for inspection, lol.  Had to wait for one truck to move and try to beat the other guy that was waiting to pull forward in order to back under my trailer, even so had to do it at an angle.........got that done and the floodgates opened!!!!!!  It seemed like everyone came in for their inspections all at once.  I couldn't turn left because there were signs and posts at the front of the inspection area that I would've taken out with the midsection of my trailer even if I got everyone to hold up for me.  Couldn't turn right because of all the trucks lined up and the queue extended around the corner of the dropped trailer line.  Had to sit there and wait for it to clear out.  Once it did I walked up to the next driver and asked him to hold up so I could swing out and the guy wouldn't unroll his window to talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, I'm in the terminal, I got out of the driver's seat of a company truck and he thinks I'm gonna hit him up for money or something worse I guess, lmao.  Anyways finally got that sorted, got my truck out of there and spun back around for MY exit inspection.

Ok grumble over.  Really it was quite a funny night except for the creepy guard :D.

This morning once I finally drug my lazy arse out of bed I went for a little 3 miler about Pearsall, going along minding my own business when I came upon these cute little guys in the middle of the street.  Unfortunately couldn't get my phone out in time for THAT sight but they stood still long enough for some other pics.

Now down here I'm used to dogs, cats, chickens, wild rabbits, armadillos, rattlesnakes, an occasional dead wild hog, and even almost tripped over a squashed alligator once.  But cute domestic bunnies running loose in the town streets? That's a new one for me.


The Wondering Brit said...

Wotcha need there then is either faster legs or a gun! LOL

Gi-Gi Roxx said...

So THATS where all the bunnies have gone.


gabsatrucker said...

Lol, I'll opt for the faster legs if that's ok

:-))), certainly no shortage of them in south Texas. Elsie and I disturbed/perturbed quite a few on our walk this morning. Unfortunately the wild ones were not near as obliging to pose for pics as these others were.