24 April 2011

Sometimes the mind is just a blank canvas

And today is one of those days, lol.  After a series of whirlwind blog posts and even a few ideas kicking around in the vast cavern of a brain (empty y'know) I seem to have just hit a blank when it comes to writing.  So perhaps one of my weird stream of consciousness posts? who knows, we'll just have to see how this goes, lol.

Ok, Lola seems to have been finally repaired!!  Much thanks to the dayshift guys at our shop for continuing to plug away at the starter issues although there were a couple of snide comments from a couple of mechanics (not the main guys).  It helped that there were a few times that the truck wouldn't start when they went out to bring her into the shop.

Strong winds in the Midsouth and Texas have made driving a high profile vehicle interesting this month.  No more edge of tornado instances as of yet though.

Finally had an over 20 mile per week running total--20.82, but dammit that still counts--first one since the end of January.

I have a resume thanks to the help of a friend, sent it in to my current employer who didn't seem to even bother looking at it seeing as they didn't realize I was already employed here, lol.

Hate missing out on so many races, training opportunities, rides, etc due to my crazy work schedule.

It seems to shift from summer to winter here.......no in between but the summer seems to be winning.  One last hurrah for my boots though on Thursday

Had my first 100F plus day this past week.

I finally bought a chair and put up curtains in my bedroom.......still need to go bed shopping though. Gotta love the clearance section at Target!!

Yes, I occasionally wear girlie shoes when driving the big truck

My usual breakfast when in Texas is Whataburger

Optimized fuel routing sucks.......especially when all the big companies use the same program/service

See that big hill on the right of the next picture.......yeah, I ran up that :)

Sweaty garmin.......something I had a lot of this past week

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