14 April 2011

Breakfast..? Hills please !!

Ok, I admit it. I love running hills. Yes I'm one of *those* people that spout the "hills are speedwork in disguise" quote as well as my tried and true favorite "let's make that hill our bitch".

Don't get me wrong, a flattish race rocks for getting personal bests but for training I love me some hills. And when I say hills, I mean the real thing, not those soul-sucking, mojo-stealing, what the heck is wrong with me, why am I going so slow, goes on forever false flats.

No, I want the real thing.  Something that goes up and you're staring at it wondering who's gonna win, you or that hill.  And there's such a charge as you near the apex....lungs burning, breath hitching, legs aching.    Nearer and nearer and you're wondering am I gonna make it? Is this hill my bitch? Or is it gonna make me slow and falter until I finally concede that it's the master as I walk the remaining distance?

Today I won the battle of wills, didn't let my mind tell me I couldn't, convinced those legs to keep churning, made those lungs hurt just that wee bit more.  And what a gorgeous place to do so, only traffic I encountered was crossing over Hwy 50.  Cows, birds, squirrels, trees, and the sun were my companions.  Absolutely fantastic.

I did stop to take a photo of a cemetery...y'know the whole life vs death contemplation business. Highly overrated if you ask me (the contemplation part that is).  Plus I was wondering if I'd survive the hills back, lol.  Note that I said hills, not mountains...that's a whole other ballgame that I've yet to tackle.

Sooo.............. what WAS your breakfast of choice this morning?

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