08 April 2011

Giving Back

I occasionally try to do either a cycling or running event that has a fundraising emphasis. Unfortunately this year with my work schedule I don't think I'm going to be able to do so.  However, more than just a few of my friends are getting out there and raising money for some worthwhile causes and I thought I would put up links to a handful of them.  If you are able to do so and one of these charities/organizations happen to strike a chord with you, I'd love it if you could help them meet their fundraising goals.  No amount is too small and it all adds up quickly.  Thank you xoxoxo

Natalie is doing (and has done) the MoonWalk in London to raise money for breast cancer research/care etc.  This is a very unique event in that it is a marathon that is walked in the middle of the night. How cool is that??? Natalie's fundraising page and info about the Walk the Walk organization

Matt of the excellent Run Digger Run podcast is running the Marine Corps Marathon this year for TWO very worthy causes the Semper Fi Fund and the Captain Jennifer J. Harris, USMC Memorial Scholarship.  The direct link to his blogpost about how and why can be found here.  Oh and subscribe to his podcast! It's excellent.


Jules is riding the RONA MS Bike Tour in June to raise money MS.  Absolutely great lady whose tweets I always look forward to.  Her fundraising page where you can also read about her friend Simon and why she's riding.

Penny is an avid animal lover who backs up what she is so passionate about with TONS of running for fundraising (and just for fun). Completely in awe of what she accomplishes and I've yet to meet a more generous lady.  Pick one (or more) of the charities she has listed on her blog.

There are so many more that I could list here but honestly I need to get in bed and sleep.  Even if you can't give monetarily, I can assure you that comments and thank yous are just as welcome so please stop by their pages and say "way to go" if you have the time.


The Wondering Brit said...

Charities are an arguable thing sometimes, there are some I wouldn’t personally ever give to… But then there is the effort of the participants of raising money who’s dedication and hard work simply cannot be denied.
Whether it’s Nat doing her thing, or people working for the medical help of a friend, all have merit.
These are all for the most part worth the effort and money… A couple of these are heart rendering stuff, SemperFi fund and Jennifer Harris ones…
As an old Brit soldier I’ll happily throw some vicious sardonic rivalry at anyone in the USMC.. but for those whom are injured, no patriotism, no words can replace a lifetime of pain, hard work, disability, frustration and guts required to live the rest of their lives. These are so often the people we do not see or hear about, the real heroes – the ones that will live a conflict everyday for the rest of their lives.
These men and women I respect above others… they never have to salute a flag or sing and anthem as it is the flag and anthem them that should be saluting them.

Then there is the story of Capt. Jennifer J. Harris… You see, it does not matter about beliefs, the rights or wrongs of a conflict, it’s value in financial and human cost terms.. because someone has to go in there and bring out the injured and dying… They pick combatants and civilians of all sides, they risk everything to go in where others simply wont… This is the most honorable jobs in battle, the most selfless and sometimes the very saddest…

From MS, Cancer and animals etc… there are many reasons why our hearts are touched, but none more so than in the people making that extra effort to raise money to help all in need .

gabsatrucker said...

TWB, very well stated....actually this is much better than I've written, should add it to the post.


Southbaygirl said...

Gabby, wow, thank you so very much for the kind compassionate words and mention. I do have a few things I am very passionate about-animals and helping people and animals after a natural disaster! Especially considering I live in a high earthquake area, the disasters in New Zealand and Japan do have meaning to me...thanks again!

gabsatrucker said...

Penny, you are so very welcome!! You're definitely an inspiration :-))). Speaking of high earthquake zones I seem to be living in an area that's having way too many small ones for my comfort