04 July 2014

An April Day Out

So much has happened this spring and I've let it all slip past me without writing about it, tis a shame because every so often I enjoy going back through the archives and reading my "diary" as a reminder of what has occurred.  

We visited Creswell Crags in mid-April where I donned this oh so attractive bump cap/hard hat so that we could take one of the cave tours. Gorgeous place that reminded me of where I grew up and made me a wee bit homesick.

Creswell Crags

Bouquet in a heart shaped tree

After exploring there and re-fueling with tea at the visitor's centre we drove over to visit the Mattersey Priory ruins, an English Heritage site that is well off the beaten path and is almost literally in someone's back garden. 

The approach in 

Old meets new

It never ceases to amaze me that so many ruins exist and are so well preserved.  Yes, quite a lot has been lost and destroyed but the fact that you have this sort of thing nearly everywhere you go kind of blows my mind at times.  I'm shite with remembering dates and chronologies but this makes history much more accessible to me.  

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