09 July 2014

That didn't go well

Last night was the Carsington BDL race with the club and it didn't quite go as well as I would have liked.  Not sure what the deal was with my legs but they were HEAVY and I was having severe abdominal issues of the sort that had me wondering if I was going to make it to the finish line.  At least I have figured out the issue that is causing the current problems--bad news is that peanut butter is now a no-no for me so I have to figure out what a good protein will be on run and race days.  Since most are now in the evenings not eating isn't an option like it is for morning workouts and I have to watch the carbs because of my hypoglycemia.  Oh well, the race is done and dusted and I think everyone in the club did quite well. My performance is just frustrating because the Saturday and Sunday runs had been so great.

As you can see from the elevation chart this course is quite undulating, something I normally would enjoy on a short race. It's too bad this is such a distance from where I live, I would love to be able to run here more because those short hills make for great training.  There were flashbacks to the Valentine's Day 5k RRCA Grand Prix race I used to run in Arkansas before they split it up into different heats with how packed the start line was though. It was so cramped in that my garmin temporarily lost satellite signal!

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