12 July 2014

Heating up

Today's run was less than stellar.  Truth be told the last 3 have just sucked (4 if you count the one to and from Nordic Walking class) but I know it's just the heat...which brings me to the realization that I am well and truly acclimatized to UK weather if 77F feels HOT.  Yes, I know those back in the states are rolling their eyes at me complaining about that temperature when the highs there are a good 20 plus degrees above that but it is toasty for here.  Every time I came upon a group of horse riders today I was hoping it would take them a while to notice me so that I could take a walk break and not feel guilty about it, lol.  

Mutts pic just because they are so cute. Ben and Elsie before their summer cuts

Good news is my thumb (broke the right trapezium) is healing up. I can now stretch it across my palm to the pinkie without excruciating pain and while I still have to be very careful when grasping a glass at least I can now hold one.  Even better news is that I've been able to go without the brace for most activities which is a relief because even though I washed it, it was getting quite stinky! Kettlebell and Nordic Walking workouts still require me wearing it and Thursday night's run was a little worrisome because I'd forgotten it and we had to negotiate through some stiles.  

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