26 July 2014

Falling flat and bagpipes

This week's training included an away trip to Crich on Tuesday, such a beautiful place to run and I loved having the chance to run on some technical bits of trail again.  Too bad my legs have decided to not want to climb uphills very well anymore! Oh well, no one to blame but myself because I've been neglecting that aspect of training lately and as someone suggested last night, it's time to get back to including hill repeats once a week.  

Thursday I fell flat again on the club run but it was more due to the heat, humidity, and the fact that we started off with sub 9 minute miles. Not a problem for the speedy guys because that's their easy pace but I struggled with it, like cycling I tend to need an easier pace for the first bit if I want to finish stronger at the end of the run.  On the bright side, the 1.6 mile run I do to meet up my ride for the Thursday morning Nordic Walking class was approximately 20 seconds faster than normal with an easier RPE (rate of perceived exertion) and I was carrying a heavier rucksack than the previous weeks. Not saying those are speedy runs because it's done at an easy enough pace that I'm not struggling and raining sweat once I get to my destination but it was nice to note an improvement somewhere.

Elsie helping me workout

Last night we attended a running club social that didn't involve running, kind of odd seeing everyone in "normal" clothes rather than their workout kits and I think most were shocked to see me 5" taller than usual--gotta love heels ;-) The curry was the best I have had in the UK despite being borderline too hot (I generally prefer a medium heat) which is saying something since curry might as well be the national dish.  Even better is that it didn't upset my stomach last night or during this morning's run which means that the preparation or ingredients weren't dodgy like at another local place which made me sick both times we ate there.  

We did have an interesting experience at the pub some of us went to after the curry and conversation--the sounds of a bagpipe began drifting through so three of us decided to go investigate.  Turns out there is a local bloke that comes in occasionally just to play the bagpipes in the gents' toilet! Not while using it mind you, but he said the acoustics were the best from there when we asked him why he played in that location.  He had such a sad aura though, kind of heart-rending but that's probably part of why he played so beautifully.  Truly a magical and bizarre experience.    

Hope everyone has been enjoying the UK summer, I'm off to do some hydrating and basking in the sun before the storms arrive if I can kick this mutt off of my lounger

Ben doing what he does best

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