20 July 2014

Rainy workouts and wrong turns

It's been an interesting week weather-wise here in England...we've had the hottest days so far of the year but it does makes me chuckle to think of temperatures in the 80s (Fahrenheit) as being a heat wave.  Then again it's not like everyone here has air conditioning, we certainly don't.  I would have thought the lack of AC would mean more screened windows (to keep the insects out) and ceiling fans but that's not been a thing I've noticed much of.  We've also have been having some severe thunderstorms with lightning strikes and flooding causing some fairly serious damage in areas.  Of course in between the rains we get some spectacular rainbows.

Like this double rainbow!

Yesterday was one of those rainy/sunny/stormy days but since it didn't look it was going to clear up anytime soon I went ahead with my weight/core workout which I try to do outside as much as possible--the partner is afraid I'm going to lose grip on a kettlebell one of these days and it will end up through a window or door, lol.  When I first started it was only a light sprinkle but a few minutes in, it POURED!!!! I also flipped the sandbag on my first clean and press right up into my upper lip.  Instead of packing it in, it just made me that more determined to carry on and it ended up being a good solid 40 minutes of work (:30 work intervals with :10 rest, every other interval was skipping rope) and I felt like I could have kept going for another 40 but went out for a 1 mile sprint instead.   Wouldn't you know, it quit raining and the sun came out for a short time before the heavy storm moved through, sod's law, eh.

And then there was one

One of the ladies in our running club had posted that she was going to run at 9 am Sunday (today) if anyone wanted to join her so I thought I would run from my house to the meet-up point to get in a slightly longer run.  It ended up being a far longer run than I planned because I missed my first turn to the trail, continued on in a direction that I thought would lead me to a different entry point and took 2 more wrong turns which of course led me in the completely opposite way.  I was 15 minutes late and had almost 3 miles more at a faster pace than I planned to get back to where I needed to be.  Combine that with the sun and mugginess and to say I struggled would be an understatement.  The last mile for me was a walk/run with most of it being the former. Of course I've not done any double digit runs since the Ramathon on the 15th of June so I'm not sure why I was expecting to jump right into a great 13 mile run straight off! 

Since getting home I have mostly been stuffing my face and trying to get re-hydrated while finishing up reading Rosie Swale Pope's "Just a Little Run Around the World", talk about a woman with drive and determination! It was a VERY engaging book despite some occasional chronology issues and a bit of repetition (normally that would cause me to throw a book against the wall in disgust), it engrossed me so much that I finished reading it in 4 days, disgracefully slow compared to how fast I used to get through books but now it seems that I fall asleep within a few pages of reading anything.  I might have stayed out on the sun lounger for an hour longer than I should have in order to finish it this afternoon.  

Alas, now that it is finished I need to turn my attention back to studying for the UK driving test

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