19 December 2014


It's been a while since my last US versus UK differences post, to be honest it all (mostly) seems normal after living here for over a year! However there were a few things lately that reminded me I still have more to learn (and share!).

A recent twitter convo with Todd McCann (don't forget to check out his blog and podcast, good stuff) brought to light one of those things...it's not unusual for people who live in cities and towns here in the UK to own a few chickens if they have enough of a back garden (yard to us Americans) to allow it. Unlike most urban and suburban areas in the states, it is perfectly legal to own what is traditionally considered a farm only animal--I'm sure there are exceptions but even in London you can have chickens. Of course there are guidelines that have to be followed, proper housing and noise ordinances are at the top of the list.  You can even adopt Ex Battery* hens! Unfortunately from my experience in working at poultry farms as a teen and then at a factory of the largest poultry processors in the world, I don't think this will ever catch on in the US.

Because I don't have pictures of chickens you get to watch this video of re-homed Ex Battery hens instead :-) 

Oh dear, I've got a giggle going now because of mentioning a truck driver and chickens in the same post and I can't get "cluck, cluck, chicken truck" out of my head. A chicken truck is slang for a very shiny, chromed out 18-wheeler with lots of extra lights (aka chicken lights) on it. Unfortunately I never drove a chicken truck--was always too cheap to spend my own money for chrome and lights on a company owned truck.

*Ex Battery Hens are commercial laying hens that are re-homed instead of going straight to a poultry processing plant. Poultry Keeper seems to be an excellent resource of information about what you need to get started with learning how to keep them.

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