29 December 2014

Gotta have the good...

Gorgeous sunrise

It's a well-known saying that you gotta have the bad workouts to make you appreciate the good ones and Saturday's relay race and Sunday's longish run were absolutely fanfreakingtastic. I ran up to meet a couple of mates yesterday and we set off on a nice little romp with no set route through the snow and occasional patch of ice, chatting most of the way about how crazy we were to be out there running in sub zero temps and how beautiful a day it was--perhaps that's something only other runners will appreciate.  By the time I made it back home I had ran 12.75 miles and was rocking the runner's high.

Post run goosebump picture

After all that it should come as no surprise that today's run was less than stellar.  I couldn't find my yak trax and spent 20 minutes faffing about trying to figure out where I'd stored them before giving up and getting out the door. Oh my gosh, it felt so much colder than yesterday, my socks wouldn't stay put, a shoe came untied, my hands ached and after 2 miles I was trotting back home for a natural break (to borrow the cycling term)--all minor grumbles of course but it was adding up.  I REALLY didn't want to go back out in the cold but knew if I didn't I would be grumbling at myself all day for wimping out so after a few minutes chatting with the partner I was off again.  Marathon training (any race training actually) is as much mental as it is physical so even though today's pace was slower than I would have liked it is still going into the success category because I did get myself back out the door into the cold when I could have been curled up on the couch with a cuppa.

One result of me not being able to keep a decent pace is that I didn't mind stopping to take pictures.

Ponies in the field

I felt so sorry for the ponies but especially this one

Taking care of business

"Lady, you are one crazy runner"

Another wardrobe malfunction, perhaps I should have worn shorts and knee socks again today

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