27 December 2014

Snow and the Christmas Relays

It snowed last night! A nice fluffy snow that was absolutely gorgeous until it turned back into sleet and left a nice layer of ice on top of the soft stuff.  I was so wanting to get out for a run in it last night because for a short period of time it was wintry perfection, alas I'd committed to the Christmas relays for this morning so didn't think it would be a good idea to tire my legs out too much since I'd already ran once.

This morning when I let the dogs out in the back garden and noticed they were sliding ON top of the snow rather than sinking in I wasn't near as happy about it...it took forever to get the cars uncovered and the drive cleared (my partner took care of the latter). I wasn't even sure I would be able to make it off our street much less to Wollaton Hall but eventually me and the Mini made it there. The only mishap was when I turned into the first carpark that turned out to be full and had to stop going up the incline going up back up to the main drive...yep, had to have several people trying to push me up the icy slope (huge thank you!!!!).

Elsie checking it all out

On to the relay--this year was MUCH better than my effort last year! Thankfully the winds had died down and despite the cold it was brilliantly sunny.  I had the 3rd leg on our vets team and while I wish I could have been slightly faster at least I don't feel like I let the guys down this year.  Overall I'm pleased with my performance, only allowed one woman to pass me, I passed 2 others and almost caught a 3rd before the finish line. 

 It was slightly disconcerting about mid-way through to not be able to see any of the other runners in front of me, we are all fairly spread out by the 3rd leg and it always worries me that I will turn at the correct place if I can't see anyone else. There is also one infamous hill section where it feels like you're not moving forward at all even though you can't force yourself to go any faster! The course was more crowded than usual because of all the families being out with their sledges, can't blame them, I would have been out there as well if I lived nearer but it was a little tricky weaving my way through on the uphill back up to the Hall. As for the end, I'm all about having a downhill finish!  

My phone wasn't liking the cold so this is the best pic I have from today

Now for the boring part--the stats (per the garmin).  

2013 time 19:15, distance 2.33 miles. Mile splits: 7:59, 8:37, 2:39 (7:33 pace), overall average pace 8:11 min/mile

2014 time 18:13, distance 2.42 miles. Mile splits: 7:30, 7:41, 3:02 (7:18 pace), overall average pace 7:32 min/mile

I'm guessing that the distance discrepancy is down to where they placed the start/finish line but as you can see from the pace I was definitely faster this year.  

Well done to everyone who participated this year, our club put in some good solid performances! As always, thank you to the course marshals (especially the one who yelled at the people who were allowing their dogs to run directly in front of the runners!). 

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