25 December 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!

This year marks my second Christmas in the UK, sometimes it's still hard to believe I've had the amazing experience of living here for 15 months (and counting).  We are having a very low-key, laid back celebration of just the two of us and the mutts, it's been quite nice not rushing about trying to get things done. That meant no cards were sent out though (sorry everyone!).  I did go on a search for candy canes as treats for the Nordic Walking groups, it wasn't until after I'd handed them out to everyone the first time that I found out they are not a Christmas tradition here! No wonder I had to go on what amounted to a scavenger hunt in several shops before finding any to buy.  We also remembered to buy Christmas crackers for tonight, I'm quite looking forward to the cheesy joke and paper crown.

Can you believe the mutts stayed still for this picture? Next year we need to be better prepared and try for some Christmas themed photos before the actual day and perhaps get a picture done in time for cards...hmm, we'll see if that does happen.  

Because there are never enough cute pics of Elsie and Ben

 It's hilarious how the dogs are paying me absolutely no mind until they hear the magic word!  Just in case anyone was wondering if my accent had changed...that would be a no, I don't think it's much different if at all. The vernacular has changed of course but that southern is hard to budge.  With that, Merry Christmas y'all!!!! I hope everyone is having (or had) a wonderful day and are able to celebrate in their preferred way. Lots of love to my family and friends xx

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