14 March 2008

Bronchitis=No running

Finally got over the flu but then developed bronchitis. Absolutely, positively no fun. I haven't been able to get a run in since the 1/2 mary and I'm getting very antsy. Every time I see somebody out running, I'm like that's not fair, I want to run. Right now though every time I try to breathe deep I start coughing. Went and got a prescription for antibiotics this morning and have been dealing with the medical dept at work all day. Anytime I go to the doctor (doesn't matter what kind) I have to notify medical compliance and wait for them to clear me. It's a huge pain in the butt, one of our friends believes they do this so we won't use our health insurance and just pay out of our own pocket.


If there's any bright side to this, I did lose 3.5 lbs. Hopefully by Sunday I'll be able to get out on the road.


Susan said...

That is a GREAT time!!!

Susan said...

I hope you're 100%. When I see people out running now I am soooo jealous.

I'm curious: how do you maintain healthy eating while out on the road (driving)?

relay running said...

I feel your pain. I caught a nasty cold at the end of February, and now it is minor bronchitis. I was running fine last weekend, but on Tuesday and Thursday, I went out to run 5 milers and had to settle for slow and awful 3's both days, which really frustrates me to no end. I don't know if I should back off until I feel 100% or try to run through it and possibly risk getting worse. I hate not running, but I also don't want to be forced to not run by getting sicker.

Are you running again now? Did you run through it or back off for a while?

gabsatrucker said...

Yes, running still! I think it took me almost a month to get back to normal. I did have to get a round of antibiotics to kick the bronchitis and I think it then took little over a month before I was back to feeling normal. Don't know if it was right or not but after the first 1.5 weeks I started trying to run again (very short and slow though).