29 March 2008

Prescott run

Brrr, it's turning chilly again. Started out in the mid 60's this morning and was down to the low 40's with misty rain by the time I got home around 1300.

Ran at Prescott this morning on the frontage road between the Love's and the old truck stop at exit 44. Had to do a little bit of running in the parking lot to get 4 miles even but I made it. 65F, cloudy, a little humid but it still felt great to me, esp. after yesterday's debacle of a run. I had planned on getting a bicycle ride in this afternoon, but I'm such a wimp when it comes to cooler temps and the bike (both the bicycle and motorcycle). Maybe if I invested in some actual cool weather cycling gear I might actually get out and ride, ha-ha!! Did get the stitch in my right side that I have when I'm not hydrated enough but managed to run through it. I should have had more than enough fluids so not sure why it occurred this morning. Any ideas? Suggestions are more than welcome, I've only been running 1 year so I still have a lot to learn.

Since I wussed out on the bicycle ride I made a quick trip to the gym for a weight workout. There's only a handful of other women that use the free weights and machines. I think most of them do the body pump classes. It can be a hassle dodging the guys but I think most of them don't use that area because of the mirrored walls. That's my theory anyway.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cool and rainy again but I'm hoping it will be a little warmer than this afternoon.

Oh, 2 weekends ago I was in Sports Authority and overheard a conversation between 3 women that were complaining about the popularity of the running/fitness skirts. Evidently a fitness instructor had showed up in one to teach a class. That was the 2nd time this month I'd heard disparaging remarks about the skirts. Not sure why, the skirts show a lot less than my running shorts do.

Not doing the Cabot Spring Fling tomorrow, had planned on it earlier in the year but I'm not anywhere close to being ready for a 5k race yet after the stupid flu/bronchitis. Next year I'm definitely remembering to get my flu shot.

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