26 March 2008

Today feels like Monday

Probably because it is my "Monday" this week. James had it rough yesterday, for some reason I was very short tempered and he was there so he was the one on the receiving end of my being snappish (that's a polite way of saying I was throwing some minor temper tantrums--let the apologies begin).

Did a weight workout yesterday at lunch, it's been way too long and I was having to use lighter weights to try to build back up. Couldn't even do my normal 300 lbs on the leg press machine so my ego is a little bruised. I am sore this evening, wasn't bad this morning but I have gotten stiffer this evening. Rode the marin bike to the gym for a warmup and then rode for just over 8 miles afterwards, it was all I had time for and honestly just between us it's all I could handle yesterday. Grrrr, I have got to get it together and get some saddle time in. Part of the bike trail was underwater so had to use some very busy streets to get back home. That was very scary!! Too many people do not want to share the road. Most everybody in the Saturday morning group is scared of motorcycles but I would rather be on my motorcycle in traffic than the bicycle.

Today's run was a nice easy 3 miler on Crescent View Rd. That's usually a pleasant run, beautiful scenery and very little traffic. Trying to build my base back up, March's miles are pitiful--34.7 miles and part of that was the half marathon. Boo-hiss on the flu and bronchitis!! Anyway off to bed, didn't sleep well last night and I would like to face the Texas I35 corridor well rested.

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