22 March 2008

Frustrating week

Blech, I'm glad my work week is over until Monday afternoon. I leave out Sunday with a stop at W. Memphis to fuel my truck. Well guess what, my fuel card didn't work. Call in to dispatch to find out what the problem is only to find out that my dispatcher didn't show that I'd cleared medical Friday afternoon. End up sitting for 5.5 hrs until somebody came in to work that had the authority to call my d.m. at home to verify that yes, I was telling the truth that I was cleared for work. All that over an antibiotic prescription.

After fueling I was then supposed to go to the Memphis yard and pick up an empty trailer that supposedly was being saved for me. You got it, no empty there. Several more calls to dispatch later and find out that my trailer is now on the way to Ft. Smith. End up spending the night in Memphis--that is usually not a good experience, the truck stops off of Hwy 78 tend to be rough places. I didn't have any problems this time but I stayed at the new Love's that's just off of I240 and their security is good right now.

I end up sitting until 1300 Monday afternoon before being sent on to the Nashville drop yard to look for empties. Again, no empty trailers so I end up spending the night there. Didn't sleep well because there were trucks dropping and hooking all night and it was very noisy. I'm sent to a trailer repair shop Tuesday morning and FINALLY get an empty.

After all that I was very frustrated and NEEDED to run so got in 4.28 miles after I got to Pulaski and checked in. Great run, saw a large flock of wild turkeys (approx. 13 hens with 1 tom). Tried taking pictures with my phone but it was overcast and didn't turn out clear. I'm ok during my runs but still having major coughing fits afterwards. I think it may be because of all the pollen/allergens in the air right now irritating my lungs.

Skipped my runs on Wed. and Thurs because of running behind 24 hrs. Wanted to get home as soon as I could to get in some bicycle training this weekend. And because of the heavy rains midweek, several of my usual running spots in Texas had water over the roadways. The Mt. Vernon rest area frontage road was especially bad Wed. morning.

Not sure what my exact mileage was on Friday's run. Forgot to bring home my garmin and mp3 player, we're having to park our big trucks 15 miles away and didn't want to drive all the way back for it last night. James had also forgotten his sports watch so I was just out of luck on having a way to time it too. I think it was at least 3.5 miles, was gone 49 minutes. That included my warmup and cooldown walks and a bathroom stop at a gas station.

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