20 July 2009

Bad manners

Or as Indy wrote "Etiket 101"

There was an older man at one of our fuel stops this past week that really, really needed the "etiket 101" course. This particular place has always been difficult to get in and out of but is now "fixed" (which means it's worse). It's a complete cluster for the trucks in the parking lot but we're not blocking off the car entrance for Hardee's anymore while queueing up to fuel and we all KNOW that's the important thing.

I'm sitting there waiting for a fuel island and he just comes up and cuts everybody off to pull into the one and only island that literally had just opened up all the while ignoring my comments on the cb that there were others waiting in line that he just cutoff. Of course there are no replies and this guy is doing the "stare straight ahead and the others won't notice that I'm here" thing.

Oh yeah, guess it should be pertinent to mention that you can no longer line up behind somebody in the fuel lanes, you have to wait perpendicular to the islands which at busy times is causing those drivers waiting to park or leave parking spots to not be able to do so due to the huge line of trucks lining up to fuel. Like I said--"fixed".

Anyway back to the rude guy--fortunately another fuel island opened up a few moments after he butted his way in and after pulling up and setting the brakes I stomped my way over to him to ask didn't he see the big trucks in line (in particular MY truck!) and got this "I was just wanting to get out of here, I didn't need fuel."


First off, he was in his late 60's so old enough to know to look around before pulling out to figure out the best way to exit. Even if he didn't have enough sense to do that, courtesy dictates that you get on the c.b. and TELL people that you're not fueling. You know the ones that you drove by when searching for the exit. Especially when one is trying to tell you over the radio that you're cutting people off. No apology at all, just I'm trying to leave. And the kicker of it? He had his radio ON, he knew that I was trying to tell him about the drivers ahead of him.

BTW, I must've looked fairly pissed because he never lowered his window past 1/2 way when I walked over to give him what for, LOL.

I did have the final laugh though. I was fueled, oil checked, windows cleaned, tires bumped, parked, and waiting in line at the fuel desk to get my shower before the guy in front of him on the fuel island pulled out. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh, karma is a great thing!

He did have the audacity to get on the c.b. when I was pulling around to park to ask what did it matter that he cut me off since I was getting to leave before him. I just did what Terry does and gave him a big smile and wave when I walked by his truck with my shower bag in hand :-)


Indy said...

Okay! I am looking around for the post on "Bad Manners" here. Do I need to invest in a new set of looking eye glasses?????


gabsatrucker said...

umm, it's 0644 in the morning here and I haven't had my coffee yet and sometimes I click the wrong button, LOL!!!

Post is up now. btw did you get my email that I'd went to bed super-early the night you called? I was reading my book at 1930 (7:30 pm) and was conked out within 5 minutes.


Indy said...


I replied to this via my email so that one went into cyber space!

Lemme see if I can recreate it here ........

cut and paste helps .........


I knew that was what happened, but I couldn't help being a Devil!

Yeah! Will ring you in a while if that's okay!"

Regarding THIS post. Kind of sad that he didn't try to attack his OWN knuckle with his jaw, huh?

Others may not know what I am on about, but I suspect Gabby will!

Terry said...

I think it is too funny. It happens more often than not. One guy is in a hurry, cutting people off to get to the coffee line, not needing fuel...I will park in a parking spot, walk in , purchase what I need, walk out and still manage to get out of the driveway before the inconsiderate ape who had places to be... and YES I smile and wave!!