27 July 2009

Dam Night Run 5k Part II

Now that I have more time to recap the race I think I've forgotten nearly everything I wanted to write, LOL..........Getting old sucks sometimes ;-)

This was my 2nd year running the Dam Night 5k and I'm very happy to say that this year was much more successful than last year's attempt. For one, last year's race was one week after breaking my front tooth at my nephew's birthday party and the dentist wasn't ready to put a cap on it so very, very few smiles. Also this year I was much better prepared for long downhill stretches, although you wouldn't know it by how sore my legs are today. OUCH!!!!!! Delayed onset muscle soreness is a bitch........

The Dam Night Run 5k is a point to point race and you can either run the 3.1 mostly uphill miles to the start line or be trucked up on the back of a local lumber company's flatbed bobtrucks (what they use to make deliveries to small construction sites). The lines can be very long.

Tweeting while waiting in line. Yep, there's the crooked teeth from last year's roller skating mishap :). I looooove my Iphone!

On the truck--got to ride up with Carol to get advice on marathon training. I think we're about to drive the guys on either side of us batty with our incessant chatting and giggling.

Start was delayed only 15 minutes this year as compared to the 45 minute late start of the prior year thankfully. It's HOT and HUMID standing up at the top amid the sea of sweaty runners

The Search and Rescue boat that was providing this extremely welcome shower of water near the finish line.

Don't be fooled--by race end this area is in complete darkness except for the street lights and the finish line area spotlights. Mosquite repellant is a necessity, even though you'd think they'd be repelled by the stench of sweaty runners, ha-ha.

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