25 July 2009

In passing

Comments/compliments/complaints--What I've heard this week and last

1) At Mt. Vernon from one of the cashiers "You're not a truck driver are you?" "Wow, that is so cool that a little bitty girl is driving a big truck!" Now, mind you, this girl was literally young enough to be my daughter and I wouldn't have even had to start as a teenager for that to happen, LOL. Made my day. Actually I'm still grinning over that one.

2)At Von Ormy after my 5 miler the cashier asked had I been out jogging. When I replied yeah and told her my distance for that day, her eyes got huge and she told me "That's a LONG way!"

3)Shopping today at a clothing store I worked at 10 years ago, the manager told me that I was going to have to quit losing weight or I was going to blow away, she then told me I was like her daughter and at our age we had to be careful of the weight loss because our faces would start to get drawn and we'd look old. Ummm, okay, I realize that's happening right now but it's not very tactful on her part.

4) A friend of James' told him that I was going to have to start training IMMEDIATELY if I had any hopes of completing the marathon in November.

5)This next is not any sort of comment that was directed at me but it's something I HAD to listen too and is kind of funny now. I had too much coffee Tues. morning and as a result needed to make an unplanned pitstop at Royse City, TX. Pretty much set the brakes on the truck before it was completely stopped and ran inside the fuel stop. Unfortunately the only unoccupied stall had an out of order sign on it and the other 3 were occupied by little old ladies who were just sitting there talking and farting and talking and farting..................I'm starting to do the "gotta pee" dance and was on the verge of yelling at them that if they just concentrated on the farting and quit the talking they'd finish when one FINALLY come out of the stall!!!!!!!!!

6) was asked at the local sporting goods store if I'd done any long rides lately, when I told him no all my recent rides had been 20 miles or under, he chuckled about me saying "just short rides"


Terry said...

LOL....concentrate on the farting!! Too funny, but my real comment is saved for #3......Everytime I see you, you just have such a healthy glow about you, which I would probably attribute to all the exercise...I think you are holding up extremely well for your age and know numerous women who would love to look as good as you do!! Myself included!!

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks!!!!! But I think you look great too--I know Indy agrees ;-).
I am developing a major frown line though from the past 2.5 weeks, blech. Hope things will be back to normal with this coming week.

The manager has always had a problem with her weight and I think it was a tad bit of passive-aggressiveness coming out.

Indy said...

I just gotta comment on this!

Firstly, Terry's response nearly brought me undone!

Now in order ......

1) Ijust happen to think it IS cool that itty bitty girls like you pair drive trucks AND do a whole heap better job than most of the "macho, overly testosteroned mongs" who think they are something special - in their own lunchbox!

2) Well ..... she is probably like me and wouldn't run that far in 3 years!!!!

3) Perhaps this woman has issues in her OWN life she needs to deal with, hmmmmm??

4) Que`? Que`? Aka Manual from Faulty Towers.

5) Whilst reading this *** I *** had to make a mad dash to the same room for pressure relief. That is one o the funniest bits of writing I have read since .....

6) Phew!