04 September 2011

bits and pieces

Just a few items that don't really fit in any of the other posts I've written lately.

First off, you may notice that there's an actual url for my blog now :-).  Thanks to some nagging and a lot of work from the cranky person known as The Wondering Brit it got done finally.  It's both a very good thing and a curse being friends with a techy-geeky type person, not sure I recommend it.  Also I'm changing up the twitter accounts, I will be closing my old one and have started another with my @gabsatrucker name that's now unlocked.  I'm a bit stream of consciousness, no-holds barred, lotsa bad language, grumbly sort so prolly not safe for anyone who's easily offended.

Somehow I've evolved from a person who always had to have music on her solo runs to finding it distracting in the wrong way, almost kind of irritating.  Yes, I have gotten to where I like being able to hear my footfalls and breathing (when it's not atrociously humid that is).

The car has to go back in the shop because it's still cutting out a little and the check engine light came back on with my first drive after getting it out. Have I mentioned that every time I drive it at least 2 people will pull out directly in front of me.  As James said (yes, we still talk quite a bit), with my track record probably not the car I should be driving (4 instances of being hit around stops signs or lights).

Totally obsessed with Etsy.  Such an amazing array of handmade and vintage items, can spend hours on that site browsing.

Zico chocolate coconut water is to die for delicious........

as are the Ayala's Herbal waters.

And to cap this off, a huge, belated congratulations to Dr. Sue Black for being the 10th recipient of the PepsiCo WIN award for 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!  Be sure to read her post she wrote after receiving the award "If I can do it, so can you", you will see why she deserves this.  Sue is such an amazing lady and certainly an inspiration for me--still in a bit of awe that I got to meet her earlier this year.  She's also on twitter, definitely one of the must-follows :-)))).


aly said...

hey gabby -
sure do miss you!! where do you get the zico? found some on close-out a target once but it was the lemony one. ok and definitely helped stave off the cramps after the TdR this past june

gabsatrucker said...

Hi Alyson :-)
Miss you too. I get my zico at target or HEB in Texas. have also found the mango flavor there. I swear by the stuff now after runs to help rehydrate.


TWBrit said...

Errrrr... What? Eh? :-)