04 September 2011

New to me tunes

You know I can't go without posting some new music that I've been loving lately.  The first The Naked and Famous are actually starting to blow up so you may have already heard some of their stuff on the mainstream stations but I'm loving "The Sun", such gorgeous blending of their voices

Next up is a group I just heard this morning, The Joy Formidable.  Love, love, love these vids from SXSW that were filmed at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop.  Only posting the one because I'm exhausted and have a 12 mile run tomorrow but I highly encourage y'all to check out the others.  They actually look like they're enjoying themselves on stage, such a rare thing.


MacDaddy said...

Wow, a couple more great bands from the musical talent ear of GAB. Thanks for sharing.

Try "Typhoon" CPR/Claws....think it might be up your alley

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks MacDaddy!!! Love your suggestions too, off to youtube for a listen now