18 September 2011

Trailing it

Yesterday was my first ever visit to Pinnacle Mt.........can you believe I've lived in this area for so long and never been here?  What a gorgeous place!!! And I can't think of a better first visit than to go with 3 of my friends for a trail run there.  No, we didn't go to the top--that's a hike rather than a run but we did get in 15 miles including some rather technical areas.

After last week's fubar long run I was kind of dreading and fearing this one........so thankful I was able to head out with the same great, extremely supportive group of friends......and I'm happy to say that while this one wasn't trouble-free it certainly was a redemption of sorts and a reminder that yes, occasionally I AM a runner, lol.

Thoughts on the day...........still need to find a nutrition source that's gonna work for me while running, I needed more than a gel at the halfway point, my stomach growled for 4 miles after that wanting food. The core workouts are paying off, no back soreness (knees, feet, left achilles are all a different story).  You have to pay attention!!!!!! The trails will bite you hard if you start daydreaming. It's ok to walk.  Laughter and fantastic convo even if it's bitching about how far we have left totally rocks and makes the miles fly by.

What are these berries?

These are all iphone pics so not the greatest quality

And then you get to eat!!!!!!!!!

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