29 September 2011

peaceful, easy morning

I started this morning sitting outside with a cup of coffee, musing on the fact I only 5 days left in the UK while watching people drive to work (wrong side of the road), walking their dogs, and kids making their way to school (there is something so neat and tidy about the uniforms even when disheveled). 

*Not the cup of coffee from this morning 

I so could get used to this, it's amazing to me how everyone treats walking and cycling as something you just do rather than a means of exercise.  Most everyone walks--young, old, heavy, slim, smokers, all income levels, urban, suburban, rural in all types of weather conditions.

And another thing is how well behaved all the dogs are, I've only see one that had some socialization issues, but again, we're back to the walking bit, owners actually take their pets out for proper exercise.  I'm more committed to getting Elsie out for longer walks in addition to running with her after seeing this.

Ok, I have some castle ruins to go view today and a trip back to London to plan so just posting a smidge of the thousand plus pics I've taken so far


These Barclays Cycle Hire bikes in London actually get a fair bit of use, saw a lot of guys in business suits riding them

a swan pic just because :-)

 Some "mistakes" just turn out so cool

 Don't remember the location but very pretty


Fenny said...

It never fails to astound me the number of USians who have dogs that never actually experience going out for a walk. A lot of my Leftpondian chums have small dogs - dachsunds and the like - that live inside, sleep in a cage, and only ever go out into the garden (if they have one) for a few minutes a day to do their business.

I know it's not true of all USian dogs, but it just seems that way.

Also, I know what you mean about the walking/cycling for exercise. Whenever I'm there, I see people out being so serious about walking, jogging or cycling as exercise, rather than as a mode of transport. I get that USian towns tend to be more spread out and I will drive the half a mile into town to pick up milk! But walking to and from school is just one of those things.

The smarter uniforms are a relatively new re-introduction. Most schools went to a uniform of polo shirts and sweatshirts, but have gone back to jackets and ties in an attempt to improve discipline. Of course, the kids will hitch their skirts up, wear their ties half way down their chest and never tuck their shirts in!

gabsatrucker said...

Fenny, it is true on way too many of those points. Unfortunately here there is just not the infrastructure set up to get to places anyway except via car........at least not without risking life and limb.