02 September 2011

La Femme de Velo Tour

A friend of mine (that I haven't spoken to in quite a while) and my favorite not so local anymore bike shop is sponsoring Arkansas' first only female cycling tour this fall!  Very, very, very cool! Unfortunately, I will be on vacation in the UK on the day of, so no chance of me getting to participate in the La Femme de Velo Tour.

La Femme de Velo Tour

 First Annual-No Men Allowed!

 Sponsored by Bike City, Searcy Arkansas

 October 1, 2011

 20, 30, 50 mile options

   La Femme de Velo Tour-$30.00

 Check-In at St. James Catholic Church in Searcy no later than 7:15. 

Tour begins at 7:30am.
All riders MUST wear helmets!
This ride will offer limited support,
including directional signs, aid stations, and sag support.
There will be no local law enforcement acting as escorts or traffic control.

Register HERE.  And even though men are not allowed to ride in the tour, they most certainly are welcome to volunteer :-))).

As a side note, good luck and congratulations to Duane and Becky on their retirement. The shop is not gonna be the same for me with y'all gone

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