20 September 2011

Bound for Blighty

Am I allowed to call it that since I'm not a resident? Oh well, I like the alliteration so not changing it, complain in the comments if you have an issue with it :D.

So yes, I am all checked in waiting on my first flight with a huge thanks to one of my friends that offered to pick me up & drop me off thus saving a small fortune in parking or taxis.  Elsie is being spoiled by my sister and her family while I'm all kinds of sniffly about leaving my pupbaby behind--the only thing I'm not liking about this trip...oh the long arse trip across the Atlantic makes it 2 things I'm not liking.....wait a minute, let's add in the allergy-induced earache. Darn, I'm sounding crotchety, lol.

No, in reality I would be sitting here bouncing in excitement if 1)I wasn't drugged up on zyrtec 2) airport security would probably haul me away....this is gonna be such an adventure, I have a few things/people/places I want to see but there is no organized gotta be here and have such amount of time to do it plans. This is a laid back, explore and relax kinda trip.  

And I got my day kicked off to a great start by running 6 miles with some of my friends where I completely wrecked my straightened hair :-/. Totally worth it though, love you guys. 


Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT time!! remember it's okay to use my real name - lol!!!!

gabsatrucker said...

Brenda, I'm gonna tag the photo of your gaiters then :-).