12 September 2011

Tennessee layover

Yep, last week I got to sit in middle Tennessee an extra 24 hours..........seems to have been a lot of laying over this month but hey, just one more week and I'm off on that much needed vacation.  Thanks to the layovers and Lola breaking down so much this summer I won't have near the funds I had planned on but I will deal, I very much need this time away from trucking.  

The packing in process, kind of a monochromatic palette

The layover wasn't all bad, thanks to the tropical storm moving through, temps dropped a lot--as in a 40-50F drop from what we have been experiencing and I got to go run aka play in the rain for 5 miles.  Happy girl!  Not only was it a refreshingly cool run, I managed an 8:59 per mile average with negative splits.  Very, very, very happy girl!!! 

Other tidbits from the week:

While I was standing in line to pay for my shower (only had Love's shower credits, no Pilot ones) a driver very kindly gave me one of his credits.  That hasn't happened for a while, although I've been known to do that for someone else when I have one available that I'm not gonna use.

There was actually a very polite group of drivers at the customer on Wednesday despite the delays for everyone.  Even had one stop to make sure I didn't need help with sliding my tandems, that rarely happens because it's usually rush, rush, rush, get outta my way there.  Guess the cooler temps had everyone in a better mood.

Shop kept my trailer hostage past my 14 hours after I left it there Wednesday evening so I ended up spending the night at home.  Had a very nice walk with a friend who happens to be a neighbor with our pups, enjoying those cooler temps still.

A bout of insomnia had me up and awake well before my alarm so instead of meeting the Thursday morning group, I got up and ran a timed run--50 minutes solo, then 17 minutes with Elsie.  Timed because I hadn't planned on being home and my garmin was in the truck.  I was up so early that I had my workout done, showered, and was pulling off the yard by 0700.

Yes, please!

I actually had a trailer preplanned so was in and out of Laredo in well under an hour Friday morning.

Dry and dusty Texas

Way too long trying to fuel at the Pilot/Flying J in Waco--damned fuel optimization software, that most of the large companies use had the place backed up, it's a bitch trying to get in and out of there traffic-wise, and of course you have some idiot drivers that insist on using ink pens or knives to punch in their info on the fuel pump keypads which resulted in me having to stand in line inside to get my fuel authorized.

Seriously, there is no call for this

Decided to try drinking unsweetened cranberry juice for the health benefits this week. Only way to get through it is drink it fast. Very, very, very, very fast.  Or maybe add vodka?

Pucker up!!!

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