08 October 2013

eenie, meenie, miney, mo........

It's a MINI!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the car shopping is finally done for me, I am now the proud owner of a Park Lane edition 2006 Mini Cooper (imagine me grinning like a loon!).  Tis gorgeous and oh so cute and I am............totally and completely a nervous wreck what with having to remember to shift (5 speed manual), what lane I am supposed to be in, and the steering wheel being on the "wrong" side for my body memory--yes, after approximately 25 years of driving a certain way, your body adjusts to the position and it is hard to change. Trying to figure out a very new to me car in rush hour traffic on the first drive home didn't help any!  

This car seems to be almost meant to be, the person selling it was also a Gabrielle/Gabby albeit a few years my junior.  Unfortunately the personal plate didn't come along with the car unless we were willing to spend an additional £4000 (approximately $6435)--the UK methodology of vanity plates is quite different from the US way.  

See, isn't it cute?!?!

Now for getting down to the nitty-gritty of studying THE HIGHWAY CODE which I think is going to be even harder than my CDL exams were.  Oh yeah, no stress there *tongue firmly in cheek*

Since we are sort of on the subject of big trucks I snapped this pic of a Downton lorry en-route to picking up my Mini to kind of tease at a friend who was quite vocal in her disapproval of how the last season of Downton Abbey ended.  Look, there's a roundabout as well! How much Britishness can I squeeze into one paragraph! 

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