16 October 2013

food, cars, and stuff

Today was my first long drive in the Mini mobile on a route that took us through Milton Keynes--lots and lots of traffic with seemingly endless roundabouts in heavy rain.  Talk about getting thrown in, at least I had someone to talk me through it and it wasn't the dreaded Magic Roundabout.  The trip ended up being a washout since the car dealer we were making the trip down to view a couple of Land Rover type products was apparently not interested in selling any cars today.  Yes, it was drizzly but no one came out to say hello while we wandered all about the lot looking at various vehicles.  Even after we walked into the building the salesperson simply waved us into a corner office and didn't bother getting up to say hello.  Once we inquired about the vehicles we were interested in and if we could look inside them he told us that test drives were appointment only.  He finally asked if we had driven far (over a hundred miles!) and you would have thought there might have been some give, but nope, "Appointment only, especially since it is raining."  WTF???? It's England, it rains a LOT!  Their loss, it would have been a guaranteed cash sale.

After that we decided to head off in search of a pub lunch but ended up spotting a Mexican food restaurant (Chimichanga) while driving through Amersham. Cute place even if it is a chain and unlike the car dealership, GREAT service! Main difference between this place and a Mexican restaurant in the states is that we didn't get complimentary tortilla chips and salsa, I'm not sure if this is the norm in the UK or not.  Oh and the pico de gallo could have done with a few more peppers.

The tried and true steak fajitas

No run this morning due to an achy back from yesterday's fall then following it up with a full day's work cleaning out the garage (which still isn't clean by the way).  Ended up taking a just over 2 mile walk with the mutts instead.  

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