12 October 2013


Not many people know it but I have a strong interest in retailing news, I always thought when I was growing up that I would end up doing something in the apparel industry but it's weird where life takes you, ie into a profession almost the complete opposite. Because of that interest I have a couple of different email subscriptions that keep me sort of up to date on what's happening in the retail world and this study about social media by Colloquy caught my eye this morning. I think the statistic that took me most by surprise was the use of landline telephones by those polled.  Will be interesting to see how this changes with the next study. Personally I use twitter and facebook quite a bit to research or to discuss positive and negative experiences with various companies and products as do many people I know so I believe that set of statistics will only climb higher

Another intriguing bit of news was about Reebok opening a FitHub concept store in London.  Reebok was THE brand of trainer to wear when I was in high school but they have been on a downward spiral for quite a while.  It's going to be hard but I think what they are producing for the crossfit market will be the key to rallying back, nice to see them producing gear that is fashionable AND functional again instead of plastering the name on any old thing.

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